The Warm Embrace of the Japanese Chubby Maid Cafe

The Warm Embrace of the Japanese Chubby Maid Cafe

It was four in the afternoon and Poppy was very busy. Her roommate Max lay next to her on a bare mattress, the only furniture in their enormous loft.

Until recently, Max had been the drummer for the art-noise band Rich Kids Without Day Jobs. They’d broken up when the lead singer decided he needed to spend more time studying for the LSAT. Poppy’s dad was the inventor of police tape. Poppy suffered from severe anxiety and agoraphobia, which she told everybody stemmed from her fear she’d never accomplish anything so great. Everybody suggested she see a psychiatrist. Her psychiatrist suggested she get a job. Since Poppy couldn’t leave the house, they were working on an internet start-up, a blog reviewing various types of hard and soft cheeses. Between the posts would be photos of Poppy looking mournfully at the camera, biting into pieces of chevre. They were still raising capital. Poppy’s dad had invested $100,000 but that barely covered office rent and recreation fees.

As publicity director, Poppy had started a Twitter that kept readers updated on the life and times of her Reindeer Chihuahua, Anthony Trollope. Right now she was topless on the mattress working on a video for their conceptual media vlog, her face obscured by the dozens of feet of bright yellow police tape she’d wound around her head. Next to the bed a DV camera sat on a tripod filming her talking to Max while he watched gay porn on the Internet.

“Maybe you should take off your pants,” answered Max.
“Maybe you should take off your face.” Poppy took off her pants. “Don’t you think it’s weird that we graduated college ten years ago and we’re still exactly the same age?” Max shrugged. “Could you get off the computer? I need to check my email.” She undid some of the tape so she could see. She started to cry. “Nobody loves me. I might as well be dead.”

“Perk up. Check your Tumblr!” said Max. She did.
“GayLyotard hearted my post on Marxist morphology in Lil Wayne’s “Cop Car”! Hooray!” She did a little dance around the room. The rest of the police tape fell off. “Let’s get wasted!” Suddenly she stopped and leaned against a wall. Mini rocket launchers bounced off the sides of her skull setting off neon explosions that pushed her eyeballs out of her head. She sat down on the edge of the mattress and screamed.

“Wow. Hey. Whoa. What’s going on?” asked Max. “What the hell is wrong with you? You don’t feel like mini rocket launchers are bouncing around in your skull pushing your eyeballs out of your head, do you?” She nodded. “Uh oh. That happened to Andy last week.”
“Oh no!” she said.
“He was out photographing bums at the bus stop and he got this really awful headache? Remember? He posted a picture of himself on his blog pointing a finger at his temple like it was a gun?”

“And then on his way home, his head split open and a tiny cyborg came out of it. Lydia was with him and she saw the whole thing. It tried to show everybody photos of Andy in really good lighting taken at a flattering angle. There was that one with us in it where I look good but you look kind of fat? Also, it kept giving its unsolicited opinion on the new Animal Collective album?”

“They totally suck live,” Poppy murmured.
“Yeah. Totally,” yelped Max. “Anyway, Andy’s dead.”
“But wasn’t he just here last night?”
“No dude. Wait. Was he?”

“And why was Lydia there anyway? Isn’t she in Berlin interviewing black Hitler youth with Seasonal Affective Disorder for her documentary?”
“They wouldn’t give her a visa. Jealous, much?”
“Shut up,” Poppy said. Her head popped open like an overinflated balloon.
“Um, Poppy? You can’t be dead!” Max cried. “That’s so totally rude.”

A tiny silver robot that looked kind of like a spider climbed out of the mess of brains and blood.
“What?” said the cyborg. “This is awesome. Now I never have to worry about my boobs getting saggy. Hey, ‘The Hills’ is on in an hour. And somebody gave me an old copy of Big Willie Style. Wanna put it on and film ourselves singing all the words?”

“Hell to the yes.” Max clapped his hands. “Wait a second.” He reached up and lowered the video camera so it was at the cyborg’s height. “I’m not sure where your face is. Hope this is ok.” And it was.

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Steamers Key Largo

Steamers Key Largo

George Schu’s involvement in the restaurant industry spans his entire life with more than 25 of those years professionally cooking for the public. He began his vocational studies in Germany in 1983, by first attending Kaethe Kollwitz College in Marburg, then he studied culinary arts at Dorint Hotel Kreuzeck in Goslar, while simultaneously attending Obergergrat Albrecht Berufsfachschule in Clausthal Zellerfeld, Germany.

After finishing his education, Mr. Schu entered the German Army for four years, where he was Chief Commander of Troop Provision, and a culinary instructor, overseeing a staff of approximately 30 people.

In 1990, Mr. Schu entered the restaurant world in Kirchhain, Germany, where he was the managing owner and executive chef of Hessischer Hof Restaurant. After his first restaurant, Mr. Schu went on to open and run successfully three other restaurants in Germany. At each restaurant, he developed his own healthy, specialty menu, which made each restaurant a  popular destination for tourist and the local residents. The last venue that he owned and managed in Germany was a restaurant that was a popular destination for game hunters and fishers, which prompted Mr. Schu to develop a menu serving fresh game, freshwater fish, and local produce from nearby farms. Here they hosted weddings, family gatherings and catered to business conferences. [story continues below]

In 2000, Mr. Schu realized his dream with the opportunity to move to the U.S. to start his own restaurant in Fort Lauderdale – Schu’s Restaurant. As with all his previous restaurants, he operated his restaurant with excellence in product and services by developing his own menu based in European classic styles, German traditional specialties, and the local seafood available. With a consistent lunch business, catering and delivery services, and loyal dinner following, Shu’s was becoming a great success. During this time, Mr. Schu simultaneously served as the Management Consultant for Gilbert’s Resort in Key Largo to help develop a strategic plan to increase the sales and put Gilbert’s on the map.

In 2003, Schu’s Restaurant was sold, and by 2005, Mr. Schu left his Fort Lauderdale restaurant to focus entirely on Gilbert’s Resort. He became the Executive Chef, Kitchen Manager, and General Manager of the restaurant in the Resort.

Today, Mr. Schu is instrumental in directing and overseeing all aspects of operations at Steamers. Mr. Schu has developed and created a menu that sets Steamers apart from the other restaurants in the area. There is little doubt that Mr. Schu’s knowledge, experience and high level of quality is at the heart of Steamers’ growing success.

~ Due to the European Culinary Education of the owner, Mr. Schu, Steamers provides training to all their staff that is comparable with the culinary and hospitality business education one can receive attending any one of the many Art Institutes located in the U.S.

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My Tips (from Personal Experience) On Installing And Repairing Your Garage Door

My Tips (from Personal Experience) On Installing And Repairing Your Garage Door

Would you like to replace an existing garage door that you have right now, one that is not functioning properly? These are essential components to any household, especially if they are part of an attached garage. It is possible that both mechanical and electrical aspects of the garage door may be malfunctioning. Here are some ideas on what might be wrong, and also ways of resolving these issues including finding a local professional to help you out. You may want to check out usi garaj bacau for their professionalism.

Components Of A Garage Door

There are many different components on a garage door including the door, the panels on the door, the torsion springs, rollers, the tracks, and the motor. You may also have a problem with the transmitter that is handheld, the one that is adjacent to the door leading into your garage, and the laser eye that allows the garage door to remain shut. Putting this all together takes quite a bit of experience, and it can also be very difficult to take an existing garage door out. That is why many people will decide to call a professional that is not only good at installations, but removing existing garage doors, eliminating the possibility of making errors or even getting hurt.

Dangers Associated With Garage Doors

Before you decide to do this on your own, it is important to understand how you can actually be hurt trying to repair this on your own. Of utmost importance are the torsion springs, springs that are under a great deal of pressure, and if removed in the wrong way, could lead to significant injuries. Likewise, if you forget to unplug the garage door, or to block the rollers from coming down on you while you are either removing it, or doing repairs, you could be hit in the head causing substantial injuries simply because you do not possess the skills to do this in the most efficient manner.

Finding The Best Garage Door Installation And Repair Company


It’s actually very easy to find one of these businesses. There are several in most major cities, and at least a few in rural communities. These companies will have the proper licensing, and experienced professionals that work for their business that can do all of this for you. It is only by getting estimates from the companies that you find that you can determine which one will help you for the least amount of money. Keep in mind that even if it is inexpensive, you need to also work with a company that comes with exceedingly high recommendations to make sure that the job will be done properly the first time.

These are just a few observations on how garage doors work, how they can malfunction, and ways that you could do repairs. If you do not know how to do any of this, and you would prefer working with a professional that does, simply search on the web for reputable garage door companies. They will install and repair any garage door that you have, and many are affordable within reason. It is the easiest way to resolve any problems that you are currently experiencing with your garage door that needs to be repaired or replaced.

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