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Get yourself some free money!

CashCrate is one of the best GPT sites that you’ll find online, and with over 2 million members, it’s also one of the most reputable money making sites you’ll find.

Like I said before, CashCrate is 100% free to sign up. You’ll never be asked for a credit card, never be asked to download anything, and you’ll never be asked for your social security number. All you have to provide is your name and address (and that’s so they can send you your check)!

CashCrate has some of the highest paying surveys I’ve seen online.

They also offer tournament style games that allow you to play for the chance to win some extra points, and then spend those points on actual prizes like electronics and gift cards. It’s not impossible, either- you really can redeem your points for some great prizes. Check out what I’ve earned:

They also have a contest almost every month. The contests vary- sometimes there is a completion contest and whoever completed the most offers will win. Often times they have referral contests and the person who refers the most people will win. And, for Christmas, 2009, they held a three month contest and the top prize was a Panasonic Viera 37-inch 1080p LCD HDTV. I won, too! I have a picture of the TV on my Payment Proof Page, and you can check out the contest details at CashCrate.

Here’s a screen shot of the contest page and a picture of the prize:

Take a look at my Proof of Payment page for more pictures of prizes and payments.

CashCrate also offers cashback shopping! You can earn money back on purchases you’re going to make anyway… does it get any better than that? You can save on shopping at stores like Babies R Us, Walmart, Office Depot, and iTunes- among others. Everytime I download a song, I go through CashCrate and get money back- every single time! You can’t beat that!

CashCrate also has a wonderful forum with tips on how to complete offers, how to get referrals and how to promote your blog or site. There is a wonderful community just waiting for you to join, and start earning easy money! There’s a ton of information there, and it’s a great place to get started if you’re new to the GPT (get paid to) world.

CashCrate Offer Tutorial:

Below is a copy of the offer tutorial you will find on CashCrate once you sign up.

About CashCrate Points

Here’s a post I made a while back on the CashCrate forum. It will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about earning and redeeming points on CashCrate. You can read it here or in the FAQ section of the CashCrate Forum Enjoy!

I’ve seen a lot of people asking about questions about points, so I made this thread hoping to help out a bit. Having all of the information in one post might do the trick, so here’s what I have. Feel free to add anything that you think might help EARNING: You how long does it take to get money from Inboxdollars can earn points by completing offers. You earn 1 point for every $1.00 you complete in cash offers here:

For example: if you complete four .25 cent offers, you will earn one point. If you complete an offer worth a dollar, you will earn one point. If you complete an offer worth a dollar and four .25 cent offers, you will earn two points. You can also earn points by completing point offers here:…ut_type=points and also by completing bonus point offers here: You can also earn 20 points by posting a picture of your check/payment to the Payment Wall: Points are not awarded for completing daily or bonus surveys. On occasion, CashCrate will post coupons for points on their Twitter page here: A coupon is a code that can be redeemed at the bottom of your cashcrate earnings page here: Just enter the code in the box at the bottom of the page, click redeem, and hope that you made it in time. You can see what I mean about the coupons by looking through the older tweets on the twitter page. REDEEMING: Once you have earned your points, you can spend them on prizes from the gift shop here: Once you’re in the prize shop just click “add to Prize Cart” under the prize you want. On the next screen, click “Checkout now”. The points you used for your prize will be deducted and your prize order will be processed. Prizes ordered during the month will be shipped out between the 20th and 25th of the following month. or you can use them to play in tournament games here: If you choose to, you can use 2 points to play in a daily tournament or 1 point to play in a weekly tournament. If you place in the top five, you will be awarded a percentage of the prize pot as follows: 1st place gets 50% of the pooled points 2nd place gets 20% of the pooled points 3rd place gets 15% of the pooled points 4th place gets 10% of the pooled points 5th place gets 5% of the pooled points The prize pot increases as each player enters the tournament. You can see what the payout is currently up to by viewing this page: And as a side note, you can win A LOT of points with the games. To date, I’ve earned over 40,000. I believe the games started in August of 09, so between August of 09 and December of 09, this is what I’ve made- LQQK